Born Hungry is the creative studio of Kristina Marija Valiunas — graphic designer, illustrator and art director located in Seattle, WA. Specializing in print design, branding, illustration, and creative direction. 

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Located in the heart of Leslieville, Toronto — this classic bakeshop whips up fresh goods seven days a week. From cupcakes and cookies to cakes and squares — using the same quality ingredients that you grew up eating at home. Desmond & Beatrice hired us to design their identity system and brand collateral. To stand out from the competition we also created custom illustrations using a controlled and modern colour palette, in a style that keeps the brand feeling playful and appealing to everyone.


Illustration + Design + Creative Direction
— Kristina Marija Valiunas



— ADCC - Graphic Design Illustration

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— Applied Arts & Design

Desmond & Beatrice logo
Desmond & Beatrice submarks

Desmond & Beatrice business cards 1

Desmond & Beatrice cookie

Desmond & Beatrice box

Desmond & Beatrice postcard

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Desmond & Beatrice shopping page
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A major component of the Desmond & Beatrice brand are their illustrations. For announcements, celebrations, events and promotions — custom illustrations were created. View all of our illustration work here.

Desmond & Beatrice illustration table

Desmond & Beatrice goods

Desmond & Beatrice illustration army knife

Desmond & Beactrice illustration instagram

Desmond & Beatrice illustration instagram

Desmond & Beatrice illustration instagram

Desmond & Beatrice logo shirt

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