Born Hungry is the creative studio of Kristina Marija Valiunas — graphic designer, illustrator and art director located in Seattle, WA. Specializing in print design, branding, illustration, and creative direction. 

CMA Header

CMA awards

Every year the Canadian Marketing Association
(CMA) hosts it’s own awards night, featuring the best
in Canadian marketing and the #1 advertising and marketing event in Canada. Our role was to create the campaign for this year’s CMA awards gala. We were responsible for everything from digital ads and direct mailers to the animated videos that played through
out the show itself.


Illustration + design 
— Kristina Marija Valiunas

Art direction 
— Yusong Zhang + Kristina Marija Valiunas

— Dan Purdy

Creative Direction
Lisa Greenberg + Judy John

Leo Burnett



Seen in
— Applied Arts & Design - Motion

CMA Awards postcard

A.M. Surf

Launching fall 2015. A new online surf brand, with it's own line of boards and apparel  —synonymous with craftsmanship and style.

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Anchored Social Club

In an old car garage turned gym, clients focus on a full mobility approach to fitness using body weight and natural biological movements.

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Man Wai Wong

A graphic designer dabbling in various disciplines from branding and product design to cross-media and  3D structures.

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Steven Tiao

Art director by day, dumpling pusher by night. A multi-talented creator, coder, designer and illustrator — and all around nice guy.

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